25 January 2023

On the 25th of January 2023, was held the English language intellectual game “English is around us” among the teams of schools of Almaty.

Students of 6-7 grades from School № 22, School № 111, School № 113, School “Alma School” and the School “Lyceum” Turan ” with passion answered questions in five categories. Students chose the complexity of the questions themselves: from simple, for which they got 10 points, to complex, for which they got 50 points.

They were eager to solve riddles, decipher notes and abbreviations, explain the origin of words and translate winged expressions from Latin into English and Russian.

The atmosphere was energetic and so much excitement that even the teachers were eager to answer the question and raised their hands.

The winners of the podium were:

1st place – school Lyceum Turan

2nd place – Secondary School # 22

3rd place – “Alma School” SHPO

Other teams who did not get places were awarded certificates for their participation.

Congratulations to our team:

Shestakov Alexander 7 “B” grade;

Arnur Nauryzbay 7 “A” grade;

Diyar Kasymov 7 “C” grade;

Geydarov Artur 6 “B” grade; Karim Meruert 6 “B” grade;

Karim Meruert 6th “B” grade

Sofiya Fedorova 6th “B” grade.

Well done, guys!