6 January 2023

Creative groups at the school “Turan” Lyceum” are a space for sharing experiences with colleagues who teach different subjects. In their work, each teacher is looking for new ways to develop children’s cognitive activity. In order to guide and systematize this process, the school leaders have chosen the format of creative groups in which specialists study a particular topic.

On the 6th of January 2023 a workshop on the topic “Modern approaches to the development of pupils’ communicative competence in the educational space of the school” was held as a part of the report of these groups.

The results of the study of theoretical material on the topic were presented: the concepts of “communication” and “communicative competence”, the basic principles, conditions of development and methods of forming communicative skills in the classroom.

The participants of the meeting were offered to do some tasks for the development of communicative competence. The games “Proportions” and “Hints” were aimed at group interaction. The participants had to find the right solution together and justify their opinions if necessary.

The communication exercise “Conversation” was aimed at developing the ability to pay attention to the words of the interlocutor, to increase teamwork and to develop communication skills.

All the exercises that were presented during the event can be used during lessons to develop students’ communicative competences.