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Rodomanova Natalya Borisovna

I graduated from the Abai Kazakh Pedagogical Institute.


After graduation I worked as a school teacher and secretary of the district Komsomol committee in Almaty.


When I was a schoolgirl, I considered school to be about pupils and teachers and lots of friends. And in general, I enjoyed going to school.


Today I think that school is the whole life: joys, worries, problems, work, communication. It’s a place where you are taught to strive for knowledge and TO BE A FRIEND. It’s a place in my heart.


I am grateful to the people who became my teachers for teaching me to be conscientious about my studies and work, for bringing me up to be respectful of my elders, for helping me to become more confident in myself.


To wake up in the morning and get ready for school, I tell myself that the day ahead has a lot in store for us. I believe that this day will be better than the day before.


The ideal school of the future is one where children enjoy attending.

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    Almaty, Mynbaev St. 102